Dover Elementary School
Parent Involvement Plan

Dover Elementary School realizes that a quality education is the responsibility of both the school and the family working together as a team. Students in our district come from a variety of cultural, educational, and economic backgrounds. Since parents are a crucial part of their children’s education it is important that the faculty and the parents develop a close working relationship. Parents need to feel comfortable and welcome at the school. It is the responsibility of our school to provide resources and support to the parents. Dover Elementary School acknowledges the need for this joint commitment to student achievement. Due to our commitment to active parental involvement and in compliance with Act 307 of 2007(Amended Act 603 of 2003) and Act 397 of 2009, Dover Elementary School has established the following parental involvement plan.

A. Parent/School Compact
A Parent/School Compact is signed each year by parents, students and teachers. It recognizes the need for parents to understand grade level content and to monitor his/her child’s progress. The compact indicates how the school will provide instruction to enable students to meet academic achievement standards and how the parents will support their child’s learning. Communication between home and school must be two way, regular, and meaningful.
B. Informational Packets
Informational Packets are provided for each family prior to the first parent-teacher conference. These packets are designed to help parents assist in his/her child’s learning and may include some of the following materials and supplies. To encourage communication with parents/guardians, each school in the Dover School District shall prepare Informational Packets -- appropriate for the age and grade of each child -- which describe:

1. the school’s parent/guardian involvement program,

2. the recommended roles of the parents/guardians, students, teachers and school,

3. options for the parents/guardians to become involved in their children’s school and in their children’s total educational program,

4. a survey for the parent regarding his or her interests concerning parental involvement,

5. activities planned throughout the school year to encourage parent/guardian involvement,

6. a system to permit parents/guardians and teachers to communicate in a regular, two-way and meaningful manner with their children’s teachers and their children’s principals.

C. Parent Involvement Activities
Dover Elementary School hosts several Family Nights and other parental involvement activities throughout the year. These activities provide instruction to parents on how to incorporate developmentally appropriate learning activities in the home environment in order to improve student achievement. The parent committee for the elementary will meet after parent teacher conferences to disseminate the survey data to look at what parent nights we should offer for each year. The committee will make recommendation to the administration based upon the current needs and wants of the parents. An instructional facilitator is available to coordinate these activities. Other parent involvement activities may include the following:
•    Math/Literature Family Nights - Parents are given the opportunity to play math games and share related literature with their children. The families are given take home bags with games and activities.
•    Meet and Greet
•    Report to the Public
•    Moving to Common Core
•    Field Day – Each Grade Level
•    Quarterly Award Celebrations
•    Veteran’s Day Celebration Ceremony
•    PTO monthly meetings
•    PALS  Pizza Night
•    Red Ribbon Week Activities
•    Constitution Week – Freedom Week
•    Open House
•    New Student Orientation
•    Kindergarten Orientation
•    Kindergarten Graduation
•    PTO Family Nights
•    Grade Level Family Nights based upon Survey results
•    Holiday Parties – Christmas and Valentine’s Day
•    Health/Safety/Wellness Parent and Community Night
•    Weekly news letters
•    Parent survey conducted each year
•    Title I services meeting
•    Daily Parent Announcements
•    Technology Night
•    Monthly parent awareness newsletter for math, literacy, and wellness
•    Kindergarten Round Up – Kindergarten registration is held in the spring of each year. This transition activity helps kindergarten students and their parents become better acquainted with their new school and teachers.
•    Two Parent Teacher Conferences - Parent teacher conferences provide opportunities for meetings with parents on a regular basis for decisions relating to the education of their child. Parents are provided with information on assessments, school curriculum and ways that they can help ensure their child’s success. Parent resources and information about obtaining additional resources will be disseminated to parents at this time.
•    Scheduled Conferences - Parents are encouraged to schedule additional conferences whenever there is a concern about their child’s education or social development.
•    Information is given to parents in regards to the Arkansas Department of education web page for reference and resources.
•    Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the Parent center, where the District provides meaningful material to enhance the ability of parents to participate in their child’s education. The materials will support and enhance their parenting skills and provide guidance in how to support their child’s education. Topics include positive discipline, teaching responsibility, bedtime problems, drug and alcohol awareness, attention deficit disorder, strong-willed children, blended families, and many others. These materials will be available for them to borrow for review. Computers are available for parent use in the library and computer lab. There are programs for math, reading, and state standards.

D.    Parent Volunteers
A parental involvement survey is sent out to all parents asking them to identify areas in which they are willing to become a volunteer. After the parents have returned this to school, a Volunteer Resource Book is compiled.  It is available for teachers or administrators to call parents that are willing to help in the school. Watchdog Dads program encourages positive male role models to come to school to work with student in their classrooms. A meeting is held and those interested sign-up and call when they are available for volunteering. PTO, staff, and parent volunteers utilize this recourse for parent volunteer activities.
Program Evaluation for Parental Involvement
Volunteer sign-in sheets and daily logs of volunteer hours will be maintained throughout the year as part of an ongoing formative evaluation of this intervention. Documented attendance at parent/teacher conferences, parent night activities, and other evidence of parental involvement will be reviewed by building principals and parent coordinators periodically through the year to assess the effectiveness of the Parental Engagement Program. Pinnacle online grade book is implemented, as well as district email and website, as tools designed to build greater capacity to further two-way communication between school and parents. Input will be sought in order to determine how effective the technology is. A parental engagement survey will be distributed in order to gain feedback on the quality, and effectiveness, of the school’s parental involvement efforts. The Parent Advisory Committee will review this data and make improvement recommendations for the next year. Annual meetings will be held to discuss changes and implementation of new programs with community support.