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Shout out to Dover Elementary!

Beating the Odds: High Achieving with Low-Income Populations

These are special awards for schools whose students are achieving well even though they face some significant challenges.  While poverty impacts learning, these schools are demonstrating that they are “Beating the Odds.” The highlights are below, and you can read the full report here.


The top elementary school beating the odds in math is Cowsert Elementary from Clinton School District.  Despite serving a student population that is 71% eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch,  63% of students Met or Exceeded Expectations on the PARCC math assessment. Norfolk Elementary (Norfolk), Centerpoint Primary (Centerpoint), Green Forest Elementary (Green Forest) and Paron Elementary (Bryant) round out the top 5 elementary schools Beating the Odds in mathematics.

The top elementary school beating the odds in literacy is Norfolk Elementary from Norfolk School District.  Despite serving a student population where 83% of students are eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch,  60% of students Met or Exceeded expectations on the PARCC literacy assessment. Forest Heights STEM Academy (Little Rock), Dover Elementary (Dover), Omaha Elementary (Omaha) and Cowsert Elementary (Clinton) round out the top 5 elementary schools Beating the Odds in literacy.

*Visit this link the full OUTSTANDING EDUCATIONAL PERFORMANCE AWARDS: HIGHLIGHTING HIGH-ACHIEVING ARKANSAS SCHOOLS, 2015 article and to read about additional OEP award winners.



On April 28, 2016 the Dover Board of Education voted unanimously to demolish the WPA gym. After exhausting all possibilities including a report from a structural engineerthe state fire marshal, and the Arkansas Department of Education it was clear to the Board that the gym should be demolished.


A memorial service will be held on the steps of the WPA gym on June 4, 2016 at 7:00pm. The building will be open for public visitation May 28-30 from 8:00am to 2:00pm and May 31-June 3 from 7:00am to 7:00pm. A memory box will be located inside the gym.  Friends and family are invited to write a memory on a piece of paper or photograph and place it inside the box.  At the service on June 4 the memory box will be walked over to the High School gym by candlelight procession and placed inside.  This is designed to "capture the spirit" of the old gym and carry the memories that are held inside to the High School gym for preservation. The public is invited to attend.


A replica of the old gym is in production using rock and the plaque from the WPA gym as a base. Floor from the WPA gym if any amount can be preserved will be laid in the High School gym under the replica as a memorial. The memories placed in the memory box will be placed inside the replica for permanent preservation.


Demolition will begin on June 6, 2016.


Congratulations to Dover Elementary School! Once again we are one of the Reward Schools finishing in the TOP 10% in Performance according to the Arkansas Department of Education School Recognition Program. Thanks to the hard work of our staff and students, Dover Elementary will receive $28,830.83 in reward funds for this tremendous sucess!! Way to go Dover Elementary! We are proud of you!  You can read the article and see all the schools who received rewards by clicking here.


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The Dover School Board commits to the following core beliefs*:

Strong Instructional Leadership
Clear and Focused Mission
Safe and Orderly Environment 
Climate of High Expectations 
Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress
Positive Home-School Relations
Opportunity to Learn and Student Time on Task


*As adopted from the Seven Correlates of Effective Schools Dr. Lawrence Lezotte