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Alternative Method of Instruction Days

Posted Date: 12/14/2017

Alternative Method of Instruction Days

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Dover School District was recently approved for a waiver from the state department for Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) days. AMI days are instructional days that occur outside of school that can be counted as seat time for students in the event that school is canceled. These AMI days can be used by our district in the event that our school is closed due to exceptional or emergency circumstances, such as inclement weather or utility outage. When utilizing AMI days, the district does not have to make up the missed school day and add an additional day to our school calendar as we have in years past. If our district plans to utilize an AMI day for a day missed at school, we will identify the school closure as an AMI day in our automated phone call and on our district Facebook page.

Our teachers and support staff have been working on instruction for your child to be utilized on days that school is closed due to weather or emergency circumstances. A large manila envelope labeled AMI was sent home with your child. Inside that envelope is work to be completed and returned by your child for credit on a day when school is not in session due to severe weather or other emergency circumstance. Our AMI plan states that work must be completed and returned within two days of the school closure to be counted as credit for the school day. Any student who does not return completed work will be given an unexcused absence for the AMI day.

Our teachers have reviewed the information that is in the AMI packet with your child. If you have questions, you can contact your child’s teacher and/or building principal for more information about AMI days. We are excited about this approved waiver from the state department and look forward to the flexibility it will allow us to have as a district.


Josh Daniels, Superintendent


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