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Home Access Center - HAC

Dear Parents and Guardians:

If you used the system last year, your username and password should not have changed.

If a parent/guardian did not receive his/her username and password, please contact your child’s school. 

Please remember that your password is case-sensitive!

~To log in to Home Access Center go to the following URL:

       * Select Dover School District and enter your username and password.

~How do I get a username and password?

If a guardian did not receive or does not know his or her username and password, please contact your child’s school. 

 ~How do I get help to reset my password?

Once a user successfully logs in, users can reset their password on the login page, IF an email was provided. The Forgot Password feature will send an email message with instructions on how to reset your password. If no email was provided, please contact your child’s school.

 ~What should I do if I see that my contact information is wrong?

The guardian's email address can be edited directly on the "Registration" page. You can view your email address and phone numbers by clicking the "Edit Information" link at the bottom of the "Registration" page. The guardian can edit his or her email address if it is incorrect. Additional email addresses, phone numbers, or the home address can be corrected by contacting your school and asking them to update the information.

If you have multiple students in the district and do not see them all in the My Students section, please notify your child’s school.


Home Icon Image
~ Week View Week View Icon Image

Includes a summary of the student's schedule, discipline, attendance, and classwork.

Displays a student's Scheduling, Assignments, and Attendance information for the current week. Previous and future weeks can also be displayed. Links are provided for viewing scores and other details on individual courses and assignments and emailing teachers

View class schedules

 To view your student's class schedule for a specific day of the week, click the day's link above its column. For example, to display Monday's classes on the Schedule window, click Monday. The window lists periods, times, courses, teachers, and rooms.

 To view your student's complete schedule, click View Full Schedule to display the Schedule page. Besides the schedule of all courses in the current school year, the page lists requests for the next school year. For more information, refer to the Classes > Schedule Page topic.

Attendance from the Week View screen is View Only.

View other weeks

 To display the week view for other weeks, use the arrows to navigate forward or backward a week at a time. To return to the current week, click Today.

Display coursework for the current average

 Current average displays a column if configured by the district.

 To display assignments and scores associated with an average, click the average's link.

Display course details

 To view additional details on a course, click its description link in the Class column to display the Course window. The window lists the course, building, department, teacher, room, class periods, days, and marking periods. The course’s description pulls from the Course Catalog.

Display detail for assignments

 Shows student score/total points.

 To view additional details on an assignment, click its description link to display the Assignment (untitled) window. The window lists the course, assignment, category, dates assigned and due, total points, weight, extra credit, and description. Position the mouse pointer on an assignment to display a summary of the assignment data in a tooltip. Note: If an attachment exists, it is signified in the tooltip and can be accessed through the link. If appropriate, the window also displays scores and competency information.

Send an email to a course's teacher

 To send an email to a teacher, click the teacher's name in the class column if the name appears as a link. Your email window displays with the teacher's address inserted in the To box.

~Calendar Calendar Icon Image

The calendar displays a month-view of the student's scheduling and assignment information, as well as activities and events. Checkboxes are provided for configuring the type of information that displays, while buttons are included for changing the calendar to a day or week view. Previous and future months can also be displayed.

Attendance Icon Image


Month View – Displays a month-view of the student's attendance that can be toggled to access all months within the current school year. A color legend identifies the type of attendance displayed. Navigate from month to month by using the arrows. Hovering over a date will display detail attendance information. Note: Attendance alerts, if enabled, will be sent to the email provided.

Classes Icon Image

Classwork – Displays course assignments, including the dates assigned, due dates, categories, potential points, scores and any attachments for the Gradebook assignments available in a class. If an attachment exists, it is signified in the tooltip and can be accessed through the link. Note: Attendance alerts, if enabled, will be sent to the email provided.

Schedule – Displays the student's schedule for the entire year. Dropped courses may also be displayed. The user can also select to display the list of requests for the next school year in a separate section at the bottom of the page. Links are provided for viewing detailed course information and sending emails to teachers.

Grades Icon Image

IPR – Displays the student's most recent interim progress report, including courses, marks, absences, and comments for an IPR run based on information in the IPR data warehouse.

Report Card  Displays information from the student's most recent report card run. If available, other Reporting Periods may be selected from the drop-down menu.

Registration Icon Image


Demographic Tab - Displays the student's basic demographic information, including date of birth, gender, grade, building, house/team, and counselor. Additional information may also display, such as contact information, student and guardian addresses and phone numbers, medical emergency information, transportation to and from school, and sensitive information from the Personal page.

Edit option – Guardians can edit phone numbers and emails, but not addresses. Guardian users can only update fields applicable to themselves and their student(s). For example, an Emergency Contact record could not be updated by the Guardian; however, the guardian could contact the school for changes. After edits are made, select Save to exit and save the record.

User Options Icon Image

~User Options

My Alerts – (once enabled by the district) My Alerts allows guardians and students to subscribe and change settings for the types of email alerts to receive for the student. To display this page, hover over the username in the Home Access Center banner and then select My Alerts. Note: To receive the emails, guardians and students must subscribe to alerts in HAC and must have a valid email address in eSchoolPLUS.

My Account – Allows guardians and students to change their HAC passwords and modify the challenge questions that are asked when users forget their passwords.